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DMLT Programme

Diploma In Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) is a Medical Lab Technologist Diploma course. Medical laboratory technology is the branch of Medical Science responsible for performing laboratory investigations relating to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. The Medical laboratory technician is a health care professional who performs chemical, hematological, histopathological, microscopic and bacteriological diagnostic analysis on body Fluids such as blood, urinesputum, stool, CSF and pericardial fluids, as well as other specimens.

A diploma of MLT is an all-rounder as far as technologies in a medical laboratory is concerned. The course envisages to build in an overall expertise in the student, of performing medical laboratory tests, whether it's routine or special test. These students would be capable of performing a range of tests such as those related to hematology, clinical biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, histopathology, clinical microbiology, etc. Besides, skills related to lab management and ethics, biomedical waste disposal, personality development,

Our Belief

We believe students’ learning is our first responsibility. Each student is a valid individual to be treated with dignity and respect and must be given the opportunity to reach his/her full potential. We also believe that effective communication between parent’s, community members and college is essential to ensure the success of our goals. We respect and recognize the unique contribution of the faculty in creating a positive learning environment.

Job Opportunity

  • Lab Technician
  • Self employment

Career Prospects and Job Opportunity

Depending upon one's training and qualification, MLT professionals may work as technologists or technicians at medical laboratories. One may start off by working as technician. After gaining work experience, one may rise through the posts and even become

Some of the common job profiles available in front of diploma include
  • Lab Technician
  • Lab Technologist
  • Lab Supervisor
  • Lab Manager
  • Lab Assistant
  • Instructor/Tutor
  • Research Institutes
  • Clinics
  • Private Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Blood Banks
  • Pathology Laboratories
  • Immunological Bio Technology
  • IVF Laboratories
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